My husband and I traveled to Tulum 4th of July week, of 2023. It was hands down, one of the most beautiful places that I ever been. We are working on finding our way back to Tulum, to explore, photograph an elopement, etc.

This wedding for Alexandra + Luis was actually photographed in Miami, Florida, however, it gives me all of the Tulum, rainforest vibes that I am needing in my life. This wedding was actually booked by my amazing photographer friend, Darcy. However, she is an amazing friend and let me take off and photograph things the way I wanted to, instead of following behind her every second of the day and acting like a "normal 2nd photographer."

I love having the creative freedom to set up the shots the way I want, and to showcase those emotions with the couple.

Note: If you are thinking about a Tulum elopement, REACH OUT!!! I can give you all of our suggestions of places to go, things to eat, cenotes to relax in. And make sure you bring us with you!