Hey, I'm Tessa!

I'm married to my best friend, David. We eloped in Olympic National Park in June of 2021. We have 3 super chaotic and wonderful children. My daughter, Emma, is 12 and my twin boys, Oliver + Russell are 8. We love to hike and back country camp together. We have 3 dogs. Yes... we have a full fucking house.

If you would've asked me what my life goal was last year... I would've said to build a wedding venue and "host" weddings full time. A lot can change in 365 days. My new life goal is to buy property in the mountains, build amazing Airbnbs with decks, and a view of the mountains. And live on that farm with my kids, and my husband and shoot elopements full time.

I get this question a lot... "What's your favorite thing to photograph and why?" That's easy. Elopements. Being an adventurous person myself, I love finding couples that want to hike a mountain and say their vows in the most gorgeous locations. That could be right here in NC, or boarding a plane and exploring Europe, PNW, etc. I'm up for it! The intimate and adventurous days truly speak to me.